About the Firm

Today, specialization is a must, but also the guarantee of a high level of service; therefore, at CC Law we are dedicated primarily to the provision of legal services for Polish and international businesses. Our customers come from many different regions of the world, including the United States, Germany, India, Ireland, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates.

We offer professional support at every stage of business operation, starting with advice on choosing the optimum option for the business organization, through handling its daily operations, ending with possible dissolution of the company. Within the framework of the assistance we offer to business operators we are particularly helpful in drafting and negotiating contracts; we also help to resolve many different legal problems encountered by enterprises. In addition, we have extensive experience in handling business disputes, whether on behalf of Polish or foreign clients; we have already covered several hundred disputes throughout the history of our practice.

Our top priority in fulfilling our clients’ orders is to accomplish the clients’ complete satisfaction. We are able to achieve this through the provision of comprehensive consultancy services and identification of the best arrangements to secure our clients’ diverse business undertakings. Not only do we comply with our clients’ instructions, but we also add value to their business through identifying the most advantageous solutions for their companies.

Should you have any questions you may want to ask our lawyers, make an appointment at one of our Warsaw offices, or in Poznań, or at your premises.

The Founders and Partners at our Firm are:

Witold Chmarzyński, Legal Counsel/Partner at the Firm, an expert who is open to state-of-the-art solutions and capable of identifying with the clients’ actual needs. He always strives to deliver the most beneficial outcomes for those he represents, providing them with comprehensive support throughout the cases he manages.

He specializes in such areas as: opening companies in Poland for foreign parties, services for corporate organizations, and handling investment processes. He has extensive experience in all the legal aspects of real estate. His experience is best demonstrated by the numerous successful projects he has completed, involving company and business transformations, mergers and acquisitions, daily services for companies, and professional support for business owners.

He has authored many publications in the field of real estate and companies, of which he specifically co-authored the monograph entitled Komandytowa w pytaniach i odpowiedziach [Limited Partnership - Questions and Answers].

His private and professional passion is electro mobility - he is a legal expert in the field, tracking the changing regulations in the area, and speaking at many conferences dedicated to the legal aspects of e-mobility, including the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting Central Europe2016, October 19-21 and Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting,– 2017 Kyiv, March 29-31,where he was a legal expert on Polish legislation regarding electric mobility.

Many of his articles dedicated to the legal aspects of electro mobility have been published in Polish industry magazines (such as Menadżer Floty) and in foreign periodicals (e.g. Charged. Electric Vehicles Magazine).

He has produced expert legal opinions for the largest players in the industry, including one of the larger Slovak companies entering the Polish market of electric vehicle charging services.

He is a proficient speaker of Polish (mother tongue) and English.

Emil Cieślikowski, Attorney-at-Law/Partner at the Firm - an expert who perfectly understands the clients’ needs, with almost 14 years’ experience in providing services to Polish and international businesses.

His primary area of interest is the representation of clients before public courts, administrative courts, arbitration courts, and the Supreme Court. He has taken part in several hundred cases, in such sectors as real estate, automotive, food industry, publishing, processing, and services.

His most extensive experience is with handling negotiations and disputes related to leases of retail, storage and office space. He also supports clients in pre-litigation dispute resolution proceedings and mediation proceedings.

His experience in based on working for over ten years with a reputable law firm, ranking among the Rzeczpospolita newspaper’s Top 10 law firms for several years.

He is a proficient speaker of Polish (mother tongue) and English.





Piotr Szwarc - Trainee Solicitor at the Firm, lawyer whose subjects of interest are infrastructure investments, real estate and energy production, in particular renewable energy sources. He advised clients in the electric power and gas industries. He is particularly interested in the growth of the low-carbon technology market and its legal regulations.

He is involved in the development of renewable energy industry in Poland. He supports clients in court proceedings as well as proceedings before public administrative authorities, including the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. He also participates in negotiations with companies acting as power system operators.

He gained his experience when working in law firms and state administration authority, including the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Energy Regulatory Office. He speaks fluent Spanish and is open to cooperation with Spanish-speaking clients.