Formation, service management
and dissolution of companies and corporate groups

Transaction and investment
process management

Real estate

Change of forms of business activity

Commercial contracts and civil law agreements

Mediation and Disputes

Electro mobility

Renewable energy

Formation, service management
and dissolution of companies and corporate groups

Formation, service management and dissolution of companies and corporate groups

We have established, provided our services to, and/or dissolved more than 100 companies and holdings.

We have opened new companies and holding organizations for enterprises from such countries as Germany, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

If you are interested in setting up a company, we will advise you on the preferred legal status, we will draft all necessary documents for association, and we will represent you as the founders and your new company in court with the registration process.

When the company is successfully registered, we will assist you in successful operations.

We will support you in comprehensive service provision for your company, identifying the legal obligations for the company, and assisting you in fulfilling these obligations.

We will identify the obligations for business owners and managers, whether from Poland or abroad.

Our range of experience further extends to setting up business operations in Special Economic Zones.

We are able to implement a comprehensive winding-up process for your company, taking into account the tax aspects, so as to minimize the costs of dissolution. We will produce drafts of necessary documents, and we will ensure successful deregistration of your company in court.

If you need any assistance in the matters enumerated above, contact our firm.

Transaction and investment process management

Our lawyers have extensive experience in closing and managing transactions and investment processes. We have advised our clients on buying and selling shares and stocks in commercial companies, buying or selling property, businesses or business units, as well as other assets. 

We support Polish as well as international clients.  We have already worked with investors from Ireland, Denmark, India, the United States, and Germany. We have handled transactions in which foreign parties were buying and selling Polish companies and property.

We can represent either party to a transaction, i.e. the buyer, the seller, or a third party (e.g. a financial institution).

We offer comprehensive assistance to our clients: 

We set up the transaction structure so as to make it beneficial for the client,
- We draft letters of intentmemorandums of understanding for projects,  and preliminary agreements if the particular transaction so requires, 
- We take care of confidentiality - we prepare confidentiality agreements,
- We carry out due diligence of the objects of transactions,
- We take part in negotiations and we produce other transaction documentation, such as sales contracts and collaterals to secure the transactions

We are committed to making sure that your transaction is closed smoothlywithout generating unnecessary expenses, so as to avoid any future disputes.

If you intend to sell or buy shares, stocks, property or other assets, or to admit a new shareholder to your company, or to divest from a company, an experienced lawyer’s assistance is indispensable - therefore, contact us.

Real estate

We have extensive experience in the field of property trading.

We approach each and every transaction individually, and we are fully committed to managing every aspect thereof properly. We are aware of the importance of detail in the buyingsellingleasingrenting or legal due diligence of diverse properties.

We have offered advice and secured the interests of parties from the United States, Germany, Denmark, the UAE and other countries when buying real estate in Poland.

Every property contract is characterized by different requirements, which - unless duly fulfilled - may postpone successful closing and generate unnecessary costs.

With our long experience, we have developed efficient procedures at the firm, which will quickly assist our clients in accomplishing their goals.

We provide comprehensive support to our clients in handling the entire building process.

If you are planning any property-related undertakings, contact us.


  • We have already successfully closed multiple property sale transactions, from apartments to investment land plots;
  • We have offered advice to our clients regarding buying or selling farm and forest properties;
  • We have supported our clients at every stage of the process, including negotiations, the drafting of preliminary and final contracts, and representation at notarial firms.


  • Our firm has represented medium-sized as well as large clients whose regular business activities have ranged from retail space leases in shopping centres to single premises on shopping streets;
  • We are the primary legal advisor to the Danish ZEBRA A/S Group in Poland in respect of leases of commercial premises across Poland, for the purpose of opening new Flying Tiger Copenhagen brand shops;
  • The lease or rental of residential premises for commercial activities is one of our primary areas of expertise.


  • Our legal due diligence proceedings on diverse properties, whether in city centres, in the mountains, country border areas or at the seaside, give us a broad perspective of the key aspects that lead to the successful closing of any transaction;
  • Legal due diligence offers significant cost savings for the future and eliminates the risk of serious problems occurring as a result of omissions.

Change of forms of business activity

We have implemented all types of corporate transformation projects, including participation in one of the first projects for turning a sole-shareholder business into a limited liability company. We have been involved in splits and mergers of Polish as well as foreign parties.

We have implemented transformation and merger projects involving companies with foreign capital (mainly German and UEA capital).

We provide comprehensive services relating to non-cash contributions to companies, including businesses or business units, as well as fixed assets: real estate, vehicles, know-how, shares in other companies, and licensing rights. 

With our broad experience, you can rest assured that you will pass the entire procedure of the transformation of your business or company securely. We will draft all the necessary documents, we will arrange the relevant details with the notary public, and we will represent you and your company before the National Court Register.

We work together with experts from various sectors, including certified public auditors; therefore, we are able to recommend proper experts if the law requires that they be involved in the transformation process.

A tax advisor will also monitor the change of your legal status.

If you need a smooth transformation of a sole proprietor business, a civil partnership, or any other type of partnership or company, or you are interested in a merger or amalgamation with another investor, in a split or spin-off, or in a non-cash contribution, contact our firm


Commercial contracts and civil law agreements

With a well drafted contract agreement you will be able to save a lot of time and money. Every contract should fully secure your interests while at the same time being accurate and comprehensible.

We have a lot of experience in the drafting and execution of contracts; therefore, we know perfectly what a well written contract should look like.

We have produced and evaluated many contracts with parties from Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

If you intend to sign a new contract or amend an existing agreement for sale, a work contract, a lease, rental or hire purchase agreement, a loan, an agency agreement, a donation agreement, or any other civil law agreement, contact us


Mediation and Disputes

After resolving multiple disputes we are well aware that each dispute needs to be approached in a unique manner. As we search for a solution we view matters from the right perspective, and we focus on the final outcome and not only on the next step on the way.

If the other party to your contract fails to comply with an agreement, or accuses you of default, or if you have been accused of breaching the law, or you are a victim of such a breach by another party, we can help you, based on our experience with several hundred cases, at the stage of pre-litigation negotiations, mediation, or - if this is ultimately unavoidable - in court or arbitration proceedings. We manage a broad range of court disputes, including cases for payment, determination, and unfair competition.

If your counterparty evades repayment of their debt through selling out assets, or if you have been accused in the procedure of concealing assets from your creditors, we can represent you in the relevant proceedings, particularly regarding a fraudulent conveyance claim.

We also manage corporate disputes, particularly for the revocation or annulment of a resolution, excluding a shareholder, dissolution of a company, concerning liability for losses caused to a company. We also represent our clients in cases concerning liability of a limited liability company’s management for such a company's debt.

We further specialize in resolving disputes among shareholders. We represent our clients in the following cases:

- When they are a minority shareholder whose rights are not respected,
- When they are the majority shareholder in a company, where a minority shareholder hinders the company's activities,
- When they are a shareholder at a company that fails to pay dividends, despite having the requisite funds,
- When they are a 50% shareholder unable to reach an agreement with another shareholder,
- When they are a shareholder at a company where the management operates improperly;
- When they are unable to reach an agreement with a business partner,
- When they intend to exit the company,
- When they want another partner/shareholder to exit the company.

We can effectively assist you in each of these cases. Contact us


Electro mobility

Electric vehicles are our passion, and we follow this rapidly growing field of law in Poland on an ongoing basis.

We take part in conferences and symposiums dedicated to e-mobility topics. At the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting, which took place in Warsaw at the end of 2016, we presented the current legal environment for the electric vehicle sector in Poland (

Our law firm was the partner of the conference Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting in Kyiv. Managing partner of firm Witold Chmarzyński performed during the conference as a legal expert in the field of Polish regulations in the field of electromobility.

CC Law is the founder and one of its managing partner is the editor-in-chief, of the first Polish portal on legal and tax issues of electromobility -

We are an experienced legal service provider to Polish and international companies supplying electric vehicle charging services to the Polish market and engaged in building such vehicle charging stations.

If you operate in the electro mobility sector and you need support - contact us


Renewable energy

Prowadzimy pełną obsługę prawną projektów z branży energetyki odnawialnej. Doradzamy klientom w procesie inwestycyjnym poczynając od zabezpieczenia praw do terenu pod inwestycje, po uzyskanie stosownych zezwoleń administracyjnych i zawarcie umowy przyłączeniowej.

Zapewniamy obsługę prawną wytwórcom energii elektrycznej w instalacjach OZE w zakresie uzyskania wsparcia poprzez system zielonych certyfikatów oraz aukcji OZE. Przygotowujemy klientom wnioski o wydanie zaświadczenia o dopuszczeniu do udziału w aukcji dla nowych instalacji oraz deklaracje o przystąpieniu do aukcji w przypadku instalacji istniejących. Doradzamy przy składaniu ofert w aukcjach OZE, obliczaniu pomocy publicznej i realizowaniu obowiązków sprawozdawczych po wygranej aukcji.
Świadczymy również pomoc prawną dla przedsiębiorstw energochłonnych, w celu uzyskania ulgi na realizację obowiązku uzyskania i przedstawienia do umorzenia świadectw pochodzenia.
W sprawach z sektora energetyki odnawialnej występujemy przed Prezesem Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki, sądami powszechnymi i sądami administracyjnymi. Reprezentujemy klientów w sprawach spornych z innymi uczestnikami rynku energii.

Oferowana przez nas kompleksowa obsługa prawna w zakresie OZE ułatwi Państwu prowadzenie oraz rozwijanie biznesu w tym sektorze. Zapraszamy do kontaktu.

Formation, service management and dissolution of companies and corporate groups

Dotychczas założyliśmy, obsługiwaliśmy oraz zlikwidowaliśmy ponad 100 spółek i holdingów.

Jeśli chcą Państwo założyć spółkę, doradzimy jaka spółka będzie dla Państwa najlepsza, przygotujemy wszelkie niezbędne dokumenty do jej założenia, a także będziemy reprezentować Państwa oraz tę spółkę przed Krajowym Rejestrem Sądowym.

Po założeniu spółki pomożemy Państwu w bieżącym jej funkcjonowaniu.

Wesprzemy Państwa w kompleksowej obsłudze Państwa spółki, wskażemy jakie prawne obowiązki spółka musi spełnić i pomożemy w ich realizacji.

Posiadamy również doświadczenie w lokowaniu przedsiębiorców w Specjalnej Strefie Ekonomicznej.

Przeprowadzimy kompleksową likwidację Państwa spółki z uwzględnieniem aspektów podatkowych, aby ta likwidacja była jak najmniej kosztowna. Przygotujemy projekty niezbędnych dokumentów oraz doprowadzimy do wykreślenia Państwa spółki z Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego.

Jeśli potrzebują Państwo wsparcia w którejkolwiek z powyższych kwestii, zapraszamy do kontaktu z naszą kancelarią.

Formation, service management
and dissolution of companies and corporate groups

Transaction and investment
process management

Real estate

Change of forms of business activity

Commercial contracts and civil law agreements

Mediation and Disputes

Electro mobility

Renewable energy

Formation, service management
and dissolution of companies and corporate groups