About us

CCLaw. High Expertise

We are a law firm run by experienced partners – attorneys with at least several years of experience, who have devoted their entire professional lives to acquiring expertise in select areas of law.

CCLaw. Added Value for the Client

We begin every collaboration with a Client by understanding their business environment and needs, as well as their set goal, ensuring that our proposed solutions are in line with these expectations, and the path to the intended results is straightforward.

We listen intently to our Clients' needs and propose solutions that offer the highest possible benefit to them Leveraging extensive legal knowledge and experience, we suggest practical and Client-tailored solutions.

CCLaw. Specializations

In today’s world, specialization is a necessity, and also a guarantee of a high level of service provided. That is why at CCLaw, each partner is a distinguished expert in their field. Renewable energy sources, real estate, electromobility, disputes and mediation, transformations, mergers, divisions and tax advice, transactions, lease agreements are areas where we possess extensive experience and insight, ensuring top-tier services for our clients.

CCLaw. A team

Combining the knowledge and experience of specialists from various legal fields ensures the highest quality service for our Clients. In pursuit of the best solution for our Clients, we operate as a team, sharing our knowledge and experience.

This approach has earned us the trust of many satisfied Clients for whom we have provided legal services, primarily related to their business operations. This is evident from the numerous Client recommendations we have received.

"When serving our clients, our top priority is their complete satisfaction."



Anna Dąbek

Focused on achieving the optimal outcomes in negotiations. She conceptualizes strategies and skillfully combines them with her knowledge and experience, ensuring successful transactions. With over a decade of experience in providing legal services related to real estate and construction law for both commercial and residential sectors.

She has participated in numerous property sale negotiations, investment financing agreements, management agreements, and construction contracts, including those based on FIDIC contractual terms. Her expertise spans the legal facilitation of various investment processes for shopping centers, logistic parks, office and residential buildings, as well as hotel
investments and industrial plants.

She has been involved in numerous real estate due diligence audits. She specializes in examining the legal titles of properties, administrative decisions issued as part of the investment process, spatial planning and zoning. Her passion lies in lease agreements – she boasts an extensive practice in preparing and negotiating commercial space lease agreements in shopping centers, having advised on the commercialization and re-commercialization of multiple shopping centers in Poland.

She also provides legal services in English.

Emil Cieślikowski

Co-founder of the firm, an experienced attorney specializing in disputes and mediation, which he has successfully handled for nearly two decades. His secondary specialization is the legal aspects of investment processes related to renewable energy sources.

He has litigated hundreds of cases in both arbitration and general courts as a legal counselor. He has also represented clients before the Supreme Court. He serves as a legal counselor for numerous business entities from various industries, including real estate, automotive, apparel, jewelry, and services.

His most significant expertise lies in negotiations and disputes related to the leasing of commercial, warehouse, and office spaces. He also assists clients in pre-litigation dispute resolution and mediation.

In his specialization related to renewable energy sources, he supports clients throughout the investment process and in obtaining the necessary decisions for the implementation of RES installations. In particular, he has successfully represented in appeal and administrative court proceedings entities that have been denied land development conditions decision for solar farms.

On a personal note, he loves traveling and cycling.

Witold Chmarzyński

Co-founder of the firm, an experienced attorney specializing in the field of renewable energy sources and electromobility. He has been engaged in these areas of law since their inception in Poland, from 2012 and 2017 respectively.

He is also an expert in M&A transactions in the e-mobility and renewable energy sectors. He provided comprehensive advice and representation to clients in the largest e-mobility transaction in Poland (the sale of a charging station network consisting of 70 charging stations – from Revnet to Greenway). He has handled numerous transactions involving the sale of
renewable energy projects or operational renewable energy plants with a total capacity of over 150 MW.

The entities for whom he has provided or is providing legal services in energy law include: Jastrzębskie Zakłady Remontowe sp. z o.o. – a Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. Group company, the Wirtualna Polska Group, Volkswagen Poznań sp. z o.o., EQUES Fotovoltaica 2 Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty – the first closed-end investment fund in Poland exclusively holding renewable energy assets (PV); Volta Polska sp. z o.o. – part of the Volta Group under the Eiffel Investment Group, Viridi RE Development GmbH – a global solar plants developer and also a manufacturer of energy primarily from solar plant and its seller, and many others.

In his practice, he negotiated PPAs, advised on energy strategy for entrepreneurs, conducted numerous trainings and lectures on legal regulations regarding PPAs, investment processes in renewable energy sources, and ways of selling electricity produced in RES installations (including in the behind-the-meter model). He has authored publications in
industry press (Globeneria, Nowa Energia, GramWZielone.pl, among others).

His expertise is complemented by a broad knowledge and experience in corporate law and its transformations. He has participated in over 50 transformations, mergers, and divisions of companies. He loves to share his knowledge. He has been a speaker at numerous conferences and webinars on renewable energy sources and electromobility. Within the firm, he conducts training sessions on investing in photovoltaics from A to Z, which have already been attended by almost 100 participants. He is a co-presenter of training courses on energy cooperatives and the legal conditions and prospects for electromobility development in Poland.

Outside of work, he is passionate about competitive bridge, sailing, and running.

Marcin Juszczyk

He has over 20 years of experience in providing legal services to Polish and foreign clients. He specializes in handling transactions related to real estate trade, the construction process, as well as contracts for the commercial lease of retail spaces, offices, and warehouses.

He participated in the process of acquiring land, the construction process, and the commercialization of several large-scale retail properties throughout Poland, as well as their sale to financial investors.

He has also prepared and negotiated contracts with designers and building contractors for industrial, office, and residential buildings, especially construction contracts based on FIDIC standards. He represented both landlords and tenants in negotiations for many commercial lease agreements pertaining to retail spaces, offices, and warehouses in logistics properties.

He also has extensive experience with loan agreements concluded to obtain financing for property development projects. He has also handled numerous projects in the field of company law, particularly regarding mergers and acquisitions by foreign investors, privatizations, and public offerings.

He also provides legal services in English.

His non-work passion is traveling to remote parts of the world.

Andrzej Sacewicz

Legal advisor trainee at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. Supports the law firm in the field of corporate services for enterprises and widely understood civil and administrative litigation. He approaches his work in the field of legal issues primarily with passion and commitment, which in the past resulted in him being awarded the UKSW Rector's scholarship for the best students four times. Within the scope of his interests are mainly civil and commercial law, in particular the broadly understood service of companies and litigation issues.

Privately, he is interested in sports, image management in social media and the Polish music market.

Ola Kowalik

An experienced lawyer, whose passion is providing comprehensive legal assistance. Her many years of experience include serving individuals, business entities, conducting court disputes, and negotiations. She has participated in numerous court and out-of-court mediations, both as a participant and a mediator.

She excels in topics related to psychology, including business psychology, which allows her to better understand the needs of clients and adapt legal strategies to their individual situations. Her approach is professional, yet empathetic.

She supports the law firm in the ongoing service of clients in the field of commercial law and represents them in court disputes. She also deals with matters related to real estate law, in particular lease agreements for commercial, office, and warehouse spaces.

Wiktor Świderski

Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and International Relations of the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Academy in Cracow, second year trainee attorney-at-law at the Cracow Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law. He supports the firm in providing ongoing services to Polish and foreign clients in the field of commercial civil and construction law. He gained experience as an in-house counsel in internal legal departments of companies.

He deals with real estate law matters, in particular lease agreements for retail, office and warehouse space, as well as ongoing corporate services for companies and business entities.