Change of forms of business activity

We have implemented all types of corporate transformation projects, including participation in one of the first projects for turning a sole-shareholder business into a limited liability company. We have been involved in splits and mergers of Polish as well as foreign parties.

We have implemented transformation and merger projects involving companies with foreign capital (mainly German and UEA capital).

We provide comprehensive services relating to non-cash contributions to companies, including businesses or business units, as well as fixed assets: real estate, vehicles, know-how, shares in other companies, and licensing rights. 

With our broad experience, you can rest assured that you will pass the entire procedure of the transformation of your business or company securely. We will draft all the necessary documents, we will arrange the relevant details with the notary public, and we will represent you and your company before the National Court Register.

We work together with experts from various sectors, including certified public auditors; therefore, we are able to recommend proper experts if the law requires that they be involved in the transformation process.

A tax advisor will also monitor the change of your legal status.

If you need a smooth transformation of a sole proprietor business, a civil partnership, or any other type of partnership or company, or you are interested in a merger or amalgamation with another investor, in a split or spin-off, or in a non-cash contribution, contact our firm