Electro mobility

Electric vehicles are our passion, and we follow this rapidly growing field of law in Poland on an ongoing basis.

We take part in conferences and symposiums dedicated to e-mobility topics. At the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting, which took place in Warsaw at the end of 2016, we presented the current legal environment for the electric vehicle sector in Poland (http://doradcatransakcyjny.pl/samochody-elektryczne-otoczenie-prawne/).

Our law firm was the partner of the conference Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting in Kyiv. Managing partner of firm Witold Chmarzyński performed during the conference as a legal expert in the field of Polish regulations in the field of electromobility.

CC Law is the founder and one of its managing partner is the editor-in-chief, of the first Polish portal on legal and tax issues of electromobility - Elektromobilnosc.com

We are an experienced legal service provider to Polish and international companies supplying electric vehicle charging services to the Polish market and engaged in building such vehicle charging stations.

If you operate in the electro mobility sector and you need support - contact us