Formation, service management and dissolution of companies and corporate groups

We have established, provided our services to, and/or dissolved more than 100 companies and holdings.

We have opened new companies and holding organizations for enterprises from such countries as Germany, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

If you are interested in setting up a company, we will advise you on the preferred legal status, we will draft all necessary documents for association, and we will represent you as the founders and your new company in court with the registration process.

When the company is successfully registered, we will assist you in successful operations.

We will support you in comprehensive service provision for your company, identifying the legal obligations for the company, and assisting you in fulfilling these obligations.

We will identify the obligations for business owners and managers, whether from Poland or abroad.

Our range of experience further extends to setting up business operations in Special Economic Zones.

We are able to implement a comprehensive winding-up process for your company, taking into account the tax aspects, so as to minimize the costs of dissolution. We will produce drafts of necessary documents, and we will ensure successful deregistration of your company in court.

If you need any assistance in the matters enumerated above, contact our firm.