Mediation and Disputes

After resolving multiple disputes we are well aware that each dispute needs to be approached in a unique manner. As we search for a solution we view matters from the right perspective, and we focus on the final outcome and not only on the next step on the way.

If the other party to your contract fails to comply with an agreement, or accuses you of default, or if you have been accused of breaching the law, or you are a victim of such a breach by another party, we can help you, based on our experience with several hundred cases, at the stage of pre-litigation negotiations, mediation, or - if this is ultimately unavoidable - in court or arbitration proceedings. We manage a broad range of court disputes, including cases for payment, determination, and unfair competition.

If your counterparty evades repayment of their debt through selling out assets, or if you have been accused in the procedure of concealing assets from your creditors, we can represent you in the relevant proceedings, particularly regarding a fraudulent conveyance claim.

We also manage corporate disputes, particularly for the revocation or annulment of a resolution, excluding a shareholder, dissolution of a company, concerning liability for losses caused to a company. We also represent our clients in cases concerning liability of a limited liability company’s management for such a company's debt.

We further specialize in resolving disputes among shareholders. We represent our clients in the following cases:

- When they are a minority shareholder whose rights are not respected,
- When they are the majority shareholder in a company, where a minority shareholder hinders the company's activities,
- When they are a shareholder at a company that fails to pay dividends, despite having the requisite funds,
- When they are a 50% shareholder unable to reach an agreement with another shareholder,
- When they are a shareholder at a company where the management operates improperly;
- When they are unable to reach an agreement with a business partner,
- When they intend to exit the company,
- When they want another partner/shareholder to exit the company.

We can effectively assist you in each of these cases. Contact us