CCLaw law firm participates in the PVCON congress

The renewable energy market in Poland is on a path of rapid growth and many successes. However, such a rapid energy transition also raises many challenges – one of which is the running out of connection capacity for new photovoltaic farms.

What legal instruments do we have to address this? Among others, the direct line, energy cooperatives or the collective prosumer. Each solution has its own peculiarities, and this is what we focused on during the PVCON 2023 congress. Attorney-at-law and partner Witold Chmarzyński shared his practical experience with the participants during a presentation and webinar.

Many thanks to all participants for their active participation during the presentations.

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20.06.2023 | Internal news

Energy cooperatives – summary of training

On 13th June, the first training seminar was held, co-organised by lawyers from CCLaw and financiers from Assetin, entitled Energy cooperatives - a beneficial solution for enterprises and local authorities. The seminar was a success!



01.05.2023 | Internal news

Forbes 2023 Best Law Firms – CCLaw honoured

We are very pleased to announce that our law firm has been recognised in Forbes magazine's Best Law Firms 2023 ranking.

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