Usługi prawne dla branży elektromobilności



CCLaw. attorneys are one of the most experienced teams providing legal services in the e-mobility sector.

CCLaw. handled the largest transaction in the e-mobility market (Revnet – GreenWay).

CCLaw. facilitated the largest agreement between a charging station operator and a retail chain, which covers the establishment of 1,800 charging points! (PowerDot – Biedronka)

Practice always precedes legal regulations. This was also the case here. The Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels – the primary legal act regulating e-mobility in Poland – was adopted on 11 January 2018. As a law firm, we analyzed for our clients, including for the company that now owns the largest network of charging stations in Poland, the possibility of providing charging services as early as in 2017. Subsequently, we had the pleasure of reviewing draft laws on electromobility for one of the largest entities in the automotive market in Poland and Europe. We are one of the most experienced groups of lawyers in terms of legal aspects of electromobility.

How can we assist you?

Comprehensive consulting – thanks to our experience and knowledge, we explain how electromobility functions in Poland, what is the difference between a charging station and a charging point, what is the difference between a public station and a private one, as well as between a public charging station operator and a charging service provider. We provide comprehensive advice to all entities wishing to become a player in the e-mobility market in Poland.

Creating a network of charging stations – we fully support entities who build or plan to establish a network of charging stations. We assist in optimizing the process of establishing such a network, prepare and review all contracts necessary for such a process. We clearly and comprehensibly explain the legal environment and rules governing electromobility to Clients, which translates into creating business models by the Clients; in our analyses, we consider planned changes in the law.

We are currently advising on the creation and operation of several charging station networks in Poland, including the creation of one of the largest charging station networks.

Charging service/station network regulations – we create or verify charging service regulations – a necessary and very important element of every commercial charging station; we highlight the risks associated with providing these services.

Duties of real estate developers and owners of residential and non-residential buildings in terms of electromobility – we fully support owners, real estate developers, and property managers in fulfilling duties related to building appropriate infrastructure for electromobility.

Legal audit of charging station networks for entities interested in buying or selling a network of charging stations – we conduct comprehensive legal examinations of charging station networks, including all documentation created in the process of establishing such a network; we also audit companies owning such charging station networks.

Transactions of selling or purchasing charging station networks or charging stations – we prepare comprehensive documentation for the sale or purchase of a company or a network of charging stations, we provide support in negotiations.

Electromobility training – we conduct both open training sessions or customized ones for companies interested in specific topics (e.g., for public station operators, real estate developers, property managers).

Property tax when setting up a charging station – we explain when the tax is due, who must pay it, and in what amount.

Electric vehicle in the company fleet – we advise entrepreneurs, fleet managers on the operation and accounting of electric vehicles, and the construction of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. +48 694 638 529

Attorney-at-law / Partner

Witold Chmarzyński