Obsługa prawna dla biznesu - przekształcenia, połączenia, podziały, doradztwo podatkowe
Obsługa prawna dla biznesu - przekształcenia, połączenia, podziały, doradztwo podatkowe

Transformations, Mergers, Divisions, Tax Advice


Changing tax regulations, business development, obtaining financing, limiting liability, achieving synergy effects. There can be countless reasons for changing the form of a business.

We help our Clients choose the most appropriate form of conducting business – considering primarily their expectations, as well as the scope of liability, taxes, and ease of doing business.

We have carried out over 50 transformations, mergers, and divisions of companies, as well as numerous contributions in kind, share redemptions, capital decreases, and increases.

However, before we undertake any actions, we ensure that their implementation will bring the benefits the Client expects.

We have comprehensively handled contributions in kind (i.e., non-cash contributions to companies) in the form of enterprises or their organized parts,
and other assets such as: real estate, cars, know-how, shares in other companies, or licensing rights.

Our extensive experience will allow you to safely go through the entire procedure of transforming your business or company. We will prepare all the necessary documents, coordinate details with the notary public, and represent you and your company before the National Court Register.

We collaborate with specialists from various industries, including, among others, auditors; therefore, if the law requires their participation in the transformation process, we will recommend the right specialists to you.

The change in the form of your business is also overseen by a tax adviser.

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Witold Chmarzyński