Transaction and investment process management

Our lawyers have extensive experience in closing and managing transactions and investment processes. We have advised our clients on buying and selling shares and stocks in commercial companies, buying or selling property, businesses or business units, as well as other assets. 

We support Polish as well as international clients.  We have already worked with investors from Ireland, Denmark, India, the United States, and Germany. We have handled transactions in which foreign parties were buying and selling Polish companies and property.

We can represent either party to a transaction, i.e. the buyer, the seller, or a third party (e.g. a financial institution).

We offer comprehensive assistance to our clients: 

We set up the transaction structure so as to make it beneficial for the client,
- We draft letters of intentmemorandums of understanding for projects,  and preliminary agreements if the particular transaction so requires, 
- We take care of confidentiality - we prepare confidentiality agreements,
- We carry out due diligence of the objects of transactions,
- We take part in negotiations and we produce other transaction documentation, such as sales contracts and collaterals to secure the transactions

We are committed to making sure that your transaction is closed smoothlywithout generating unnecessary expenses, so as to avoid any future disputes.

If you intend to sell or buy shares, stocks, property or other assets, or to admit a new shareholder to your company, or to divest from a company, an experienced lawyer’s assistance is indispensable - therefore, contact us.